I played a puzzle game called Qbeh-1 The atlas cube. I really enjoyed the crumbling-floating-temple aesthetic, but I thought the puzzles could have been a bit more challenging.


Luckily Qbeh-1 has a level editor and a steam workshop to share levels. When I tried using the level editor, I found it extremely cumbersome to use. I got so frustrated that I decided to remake the puzzle mechanics in Minecraft, since it would be easier to edit levels.

level editor



Spoilers, obviously

planetminecraft download page

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Recreating Qbeh-1

Placing and removing the puzzle cubes in Qbeh-1 works differently in Minecraft. In Qbeh-1, you can pick up a cube and it will instantly go into your inventory. It has the restriction that cubes must have some connection to a yellow block, when placing or picking up. Qbeh-1 picking up a cube at the end of some cubes (press pick-up button) Qbeh-1 picking up a cube at the base of some cubes (press pick-up button) In Minecraft, breaking any block will make it drop an item.