.rsv Format

Motivation Roody:2d has infinite procedural generation, so the world is split up into 64x64 tile chunks. Before version 0.7.0 alpha, the data for each chunk was saved into a .sac file. Each tile was 4 bytes, so the files were each 16 KB (4 * 64 * 64 + some metadata). version 0.6.1 alpha main menu background world 16K c-1_-1.sac 16K c-2_-1.sac 16K c-3_-1.sac 16K c0_-1.sac 16K c1_-1.sac 16K c2_-1.sac 16K c3_-1.

Recreating Qbeh-1

Placing and removing the puzzle cubes in Qbeh-1 works differently in Minecraft. In Qbeh-1, you can pick up a cube and it will instantly go into your inventory. It has the restriction that cubes must have some connection to a yellow block, when placing or picking up. Qbeh-1 picking up a cube at the end of some cubes (press pick-up button) Qbeh-1 picking up a cube at the base of some cubes (press pick-up button) In Minecraft, breaking any block will make it drop an item.