Adventure Mode

Minecraft is a 3d voxel game that primarily consists of mining and placing blocks. With the console command “gamemode adventure”, these mechanics can be disabled. This turns Minecraft into just a 3d voxel game engine, where data packs and resource packs add new content and functionality. With a low barrier to entry, there have been many low quality adventure maps… … and many high quality ones! Including my maps Minecrah-1 and The Mirage Site (at least I think they are high quality)

Minecraft Maps

Novel Games built on top of Minecraft’s adventure mode

Recreating Qbeh-1

Placing and removing the puzzle cubes in Qbeh-1 works differently in Minecraft. In Qbeh-1, you can pick up a cube and it will instantly go into your inventory. It has the restriction that cubes must have some connection to a yellow block, when placing or picking up. Qbeh-1 picking up a cube at the end of some cubes (press pick-up button) Qbeh-1 picking up a cube at the base of some cubes (press pick-up button) In Minecraft, breaking any block will make it drop an item.


Puzzle-Parkour game inspired by Qbeh-1 recreated in Minecraft